Comply: RFP shredding software multilingual with risks and document quality analysis #AI

Your intelligent assistant to analyse the customer's need, extract requirements from the specifications, identify risks and questions to ask, generate the project requirements matrix and track requirements coverage!

Better control and share the customer's needs and commitments!

Save precious time and have a more relevant offer.
Quickly build up the customer requirements repository.


YOUR ISSUE: have a clear and exhaustive vision of the need

You are a pre-sales engineer, biz dev, bid manager, proposal manager, design manager, tender manager. You analyse consultation files, specifications, expression of need, specification files to understand the client's need. You wish to have a clear and complete vision of the customer's need in order to propose an offer that covers all the requirements.

You want to have the essential information to choose the best response strategy. You also want to share this strategy with the response team to improve the relevance of your offer.

WITH Comply

Capturing requirements, issues and risks

Our requirements capture module automatically identifies and highlights the requirements present in a specification (PDF or DOCX) . You can then quickly and easily manually adjust the result, classify and reformulate the requirements. You have the possibility to highlight those that are ambiguous or incomplete. If necessary, you add your questions and identified risks.

Generation of the compliance matrix

Once your analysis is complete, you can export all the annotations to Excel. The annotated document and the exported matrices make it easier to share the analysis with the response team and to divide the writing work. They also allow you to follow the progress of the proposal and illustrate to the client the coverage of your offer with their needs.

Information transfer to the project team

When the project is won, the team that will carry out the project can use these documents to more easily take ownership of the client's need and have a better visibility of the risks and commitments made.

You save precious time, have a more relevant offer and control your commitments.


YOUR CHALLENGES: transmitting / collecting information effectively

You are a project manager, a production team leader, a site manager, a works manager, and have just won a project. To ensure the success of this project, you must quickly get to know the context, understand the customer's needs, the solution sold and the risks and commitments made, in a time frame that is often very tight.


Information transfer to the project team

Our requirements capture module allows you to save all the annotations resulting from the analysis and understanding of the need directly on the specifications: the requirements identified, reformulated and enriched, the questions asked, and the risks identified. The result of the analysis work can thus be easily shared with the project team.

Analysis of need expression docs

If the requirements capture has not been performed in pre-sales on the specifications or if new requirements expression or specification documents are provided by the customer at the beginning of the project, the requirements capture can be performed by the project manager (or a member of the project team) on these documents to have a clear and complete vision of the need and constitute the customer requirements repository.

Initialization of the requirements repository

All annotations and in particular the requirements of the expected solution can be exported to different formats (XLS, CSV, JSON). They can also be imported into a requirements management tool to allow the traceability of these requirements throughout the project (with the specification file, the design file, the code or the validation tests).

You very quickly build up the customer requirements repository that will be monitored throughout the project.

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